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Maya's Dress Up for the iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad - Jan 19, 2011

Maya, your favorite heroine from Fashion Boutique, has come to App Store!

Ruffle through her huge wardrobe and discover bikinis, long coats, evening dresses, flower skirts, ankle-high boots and even pareos!

Spice-up her style with a wild range of amazing jewelry and accessories! Get salon-quality haircuts with colors to match!

Everything, from large backgrounds to the tiniest jeweled earrings, has been created with high quality standards.

Play now!

Maya Speaks 8 Languages! - Jun 18, 2008

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of v.1.0.8 of Fashion Boutique in 8 languages. You can now enjoy your favorite game in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch and
  • Swedish

Make sure to download the free trial today!

Thank you all for your support so far! It's great to receive your comments about our game. Because of our heavy involvement in our next game, currently in production, we didn't have the chance to announce the Survey Contest winners for April and May.

Don't worry though, because we know how much you like to receive free copies of Fashion Boutique. The lucky winners for the previous two months are:

  • Penita from Upper Marlboro, MD, USA
  • Tria (location details pending)

Be up next to win your free copy by taking the survey. Have fun!

The Fashion Boutique Survey Contest - Apr 03, 2008

We recently posted a survey about Fashion Boutique to which many people have responded to so far.

We promised that every month we will select one of those survey participants and will offer them a free copy of Fashion Boutique to show our appreciation.

This month's lucky winner is Isabel from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In case you haven't done so already, we suggest you take the survey as well. Not only you will be helping us improve with your feedback, there's a chance you may be next month's winner!


Fashion Boutique - Free Online Dress Up Game - Mar 09, 2008

We are proud to announce the new online games section of this site, starting with the Fashion Boutique Dress Up game, which you can play for free.

We'd love to hear what you think of this website addition, so please e-mail us at

Have fun!


Fashion Boutique - Frequently Asked Questions - Mar 08, 2008

Having received and replied to numerous e-mails from players of Fashion Boutique and because of our ongoing pursuit for better support to our customers, we would like to introduce the FAQ section of this website.

The page contains the most common questions that people have had so far about the game and will be updated as soon as more questions are accumulated.

Fashion Boutique gets a dedicated fan! - Feb 27, 2008

We received this delightful feedback from a Fashion Boutique fan. You got to read it to believe it! This is what game developers need to keep making better and better games.

I just had to write to say thank you all for the Greatest Support Team I've ever seen. When I was having trouble unlocking Fashion Boutique you worked with me late into the night and early morning helping me to get the problem solved. I've never met such a Great Team in all my life. They were all are so helpful.

Fashion Boutique is the greatest game! Simple to pick up and the pace of it is perfect with just the right amount of Challenge to it, to keep you addicted while keeping it fresh and interesting. Graphics are just fab, music perfect, characters are hilarious and fun. You can't say one negative thing about the whole game. Bravo to you all, I do hope you come out with a Fashion Boutique 2 and lots of other Time management games.

I will definitely be back for more purchases in the future and am sending your link out to all my friends and Family to come to your site. I've not found any spyware or ad ware that seems to be the with a lot of other gaming sites. It's a very safe site to use and not worry about all those problems. Making payments is easy and safe.

Everyone, if you haven't bought the Full Version of Fashion Boutique I recommend doing so. It's worth every cent. One Fantastic game. You have a 'Loyal" customer here always! Thanks again for all your help and assistance you gave to me. Your kindness will not be soon forgotten.

Can't wait for all your new games in the future. If they are anything like Fashion Boutique I'll be buying a lot of games in the years to come. Thanks again for all your help!! You get a 10 from me on a scale of 0 to 5.

You all Rock now!!

Brenda from Welch,OK

Read more customer testimonials or submit your own.

Fashion Boutique v.1.0.4 is released! - Feb 21, 2008

Today we bring you an improved version of Fashion Boutique, which you can get from the Downloads page.

This new version includes all previous bug fixes, of course, as well as some minor new ones. People who had trouble playing the game because they had previously played the beta version will now be able to enjoy it just fine.

Later in the day the portals that carry Fashion Boutique will also get this update, so you should be able to play it without any issues there as well.

The most important update that this version brings, however, is the ability to receive your serial number instantly when you order from us. The manual process that we had in place now belongs in the past. We believe people will appreciate the fact that as soon as they order their license, they'll be able to start playing for unlimited time.

We urge everyone to contact us and let us know what they think of the game and of any issues they may have when playing it.

Thank you for your love for Fashion Boutique!

Fashion Boutique debuts at #2 on two major portals! - Feb 21, 2008

We would like to announce that Fashion Boutique debuted at #2 on both RealArcade's and Gamehouse's Top 10 lists today.

Thank you all for purchasing our game, both from this site and the game portals. It means a lot to us that so many people like Fashion Boutique and have been playing it since last Wednesday.

Today we opened up a Testimonials section for this site, where you can see what people have said about the game, as well as submit your own comments.

Thank you for playing our games!

Fashion Boutique - New "Stage 48" Patch - Feb 20, 2008

We always strive to create high quality products for our potential customers and offer quick and efficient before and after-sales support. Three days ago we discovered a bug in Fashion Boutique, which was addressed very quickly, first with a manual solution and then with a more robust one.

Today we offer you a fully automatic solution to take ca New Stage 48 Patch - 314KB (hosted on our server)

Fashion Boutique - "Stage 48" Patch - Feb 17, 2008

Thanks to the many people who bought Fashion Boutique we discovered a bug in v.1.0.2 or earlier of the game.

The following patch addresses the issue on Stage 48 where you get the "Congratulations! You have unlocked a new garment!" screen in Maya's Wardrobe, but no garment shows up and clicking on the Continue button does nothing.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we hope that you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the game once you apply the patch.

Note: The issue has already been fixed in the v.1.0.3 release.

Stage 48 Patch Stage 48 Patch

Fashion Boutique - "Stage 48" Bug & Solution - Feb 15, 2008

We have discovered a bug in Fashion Boutique version 1.0.2 or earlier thanks to some people who contacted us about it.

While we are working on a patch, we'd thought you'd like to try and apply an easy solution yourself.

Please download the file below and copy it inside the \dat directory of your Fashion Boutique installation, essentially overwriting the old file.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we hope that you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the game once you apply the solution.

Stage 48 Bug Fix - New levels.dat file

Fashion Boutique - Pre-release (beta) version fix - Feb 15, 2008

Since Fashion Boutique has been out for distribution on some major portals and this website, there have been some people experiencing an issue with the game.

In particular, this issue appears only to players who tried a pre-release version of Fashion Boutique (i.e. the beta version on RealArcade) and it's about the game not loading beyond the logo screens (Maya keeps tapping her foot but the progress bar is empty.)

Please download the fix below and run it to get Fashion Boutique working on your system as expected.

Pre-release (beta) fix Pre-release (beta) fix

Fashion Boutique - Be my Valentine - Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And what better way to say that to someone than with flowers and a great wallpaper!

You can get the special wallpaper from the Downloads section of this site and as for the flowers, well, we have something better for you.

Just for today, you can get Fashion Boutique at 25% off if you order 2 copies, one for you and one for your loved one.

Better hurry, this only comes once a year! Find out more!

Fashion Boutique gets its first review - Feb 14, 2008

Gamezebo has given Fashion Boutique a great 4 out of 5 stars in today's review!

Here's a snippet:

"A variety of interesting upgrades, as well as customers with well-developed likes and dislikes, help to keep Fashion Boutique feeling fresh. Another big plus is that each store is unique with racks and change rooms in different places, new decor, and new clothing."

Read the whole review at

Fashion Boutique is released! - Feb 14, 2008

After almost a year in the making, we're happy to announce the immediate availability of Fashion Boutique.

Play through 50 challenging stages, trying to satisfy 12 different types of customers, on your quest to bring financial success to several floundering clothing stores on the East Coast of America.

Download the demo and play for free!

Fashion Boutique gets previewed - Feb 13, 2008

Gamezebo got their hands on a pre-release version of Fashion Boutique and in return we got a great preview for the game.

Here's a snippet:

"To say we've enjoyed this preview of Fashion Boutique would be a huge understatement. Total Eclipse and RealArcade are likely to have a huge hit on their hands with this deep and gratifying time management game."

Read the whole preview at goes live! - Feb 13, 2008

We're pleased to announce the grand opening of our new website for Fashion Boutique.

Please, feel free to browse and make yourselves at home!