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This is a website about the casual time management game "Fashion Boutique", which was developed by Total Eclipse, to whom it belongs and operates through the electronic address under the terms and conditions that are set out below. The use of the Fashion Boutique website, presupposes the acceptance of all below Terms of Use.

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Online orders

In order for the users to purchase the full version of Fashion Boutique they must first register at the Total Eclipse website.

Purchasing is made using our secure online order form, which we operate in collaboration with Plimus. Plimus uses the SSL protocol with 128 bit encryption for transfering information on the Internet, which ensures the safety of the transactions and all the information that relates to personal data and sensitive information. Consequently it is not possible for such information to be read or to be changed during its transfer through the Internet and can be exchanged only between the users and Plimus.

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Questions & Communication with Total Eclipse

In order that the user practises his/her rights of Law 2472/1997 as well as for any question, he/she can address the people in charge of data processing using the contact form at