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" Today I just finished "Fashion Boutique" for the 6th time, But I still don't get enough of it. I really enjoyed this game so I decided to Buy it, and It was worth everything. Tried to make the Topsales at every level, and I did. I really Loved this game so I recommended it to my classmates here. I love everything in this! It's really a mixture of everything I Love! For me it should be The World's Greatest Game!! Even though I came from a foreign land, I still love Fashion Boutique and It's my favourite Game ever!!!! "

Trisha from Manila, Philippines.

" Great game and hope you come out with more like this one, doesnt have to be fashion but love love love your graphics, the challenge of the game and the great pace of it! Thanks for all your hard work and being so willing to fix a problem even directly on the message boards of game portals as well! "

Michelle from Springfield, MO.

"I was on your website getting the level 48 patch, and thought I would let you know that I think the game is great.  Very pleased with it, and can't wait to see more games from you."

Cindy from South Florida

" I am very impressed at how quickly your company responded to my email with an actual answer and possbile solution and for bringing us gamers great games to play! "

Michelle from Springfield, MO.

I just had to write to say thank you all for the Greatest Support Team I've ever seen. When I was having trouble unlocking Fashion Boutique you worked with me late into the night and early morning helping me to get the problem solved. I've never met such a Great Team in all my life. They were all are so helpful.

Fashion Boutique is the greatest game! Simple to pick up and the pace of it is perfect with just the right amount of Challenge to it, to keep you addicted while keeping it fresh and interesting. Graphics are just fab, music perfect, characters are hilarious and fun. You can't say one negative thing about the whole game. Bravo to you all, I do hope you come out with a Fashion Boutique 2 and lots of other Time management games.

I will definitely be back for more purchases in the future and am sending your link out to all my friends and Family to come to your site. I've not found any spyware or ad ware that seems to be the with a lot of other gaming sites. It's a very safe site to use and not worry about all those problems. Making payments is easy and safe.

Everyone, if you haven't bought the Full Version of Fashion Boutique I recommend doing so. It's worth every cent. One Fantastic game. You have a 'Loyal" customer here always! Thanks again for all your help and assistance you gave to me. Your kindness will not be soon forgotten.

Can't wait for all your new games in the future. If they are anything like Fashion Boutique I'll be buying a lot of games in the years to come. Thanks again for all your help!! You get a 10 from me on a scale of 0 to 5.

You all Rock now!!

Brenda from Welch,OK